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You don’t need to be an expert player to shoot balls by your bat and score homers. All you need is – your PC and a stable internet connection. Latest games are built with HTML5 or similar technology and don’t need to install anything, but older ones use Flash. If you don’t have a flash player for these free flash baseball games, you can get the newest version¬†here. All these games are very exciting and enjoyable to play and very simple to get into.

Game Is Not Loading

If a game failed to load, there might be several reasons for this. Here are some steps that may help you solve the problem:

1. Refresh the website (Ctrl + F5). It is the easiest step to try – sometimes refreshing solves the problem.
2. Try using a different browser. Some games work fine on specific browsers but do not work correctly on others. Try opening the game in a different browser and see if that helps.
3. Adblocker or similar app is blocking the website. You will need to whitelist this website as some browser’s extensions may be blocking the game from loading properly. Some game developers only allow their games to be loaded if the ad-blocker is off. They offer the game for free but run ads inside the games. Don’t be angry. These ads support developers.
4. Enable browser cookies. This website doesn’t need cookies to function correctly. But some free games require a third-party cookie enabled on your browser in order to play the games. If you disable all cookies on this site, some games might not load or work properly.
5. You are trying to run a Flash game. Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Most of the browsers will completely end Flash support by December 31, 2020. So you will be able to run Flash games only on older browsers.
6. You are trying to run a WebGL game. Some games run under WebGL technology. Go to to install the player if the WebGL game is not loading.
7. The game is still loading. New games made with HTML5, Unity, WebGL, etc. have a larger file size than Flash games used to have. Just be patient, as it might take longer for the game to load.

Controls Not Working

Some game requires you to select it before you can use the keyboard keys. So click inside the game screen to select it, so your keyboard commands are linked to the game itself and not the web page you’re currently viewing.

Can I play these games on my mobile device?

Some of our games can be played on any computer and mobile device, Android, iOS phone, or Windows device.

How do I save my progress in a game?

Progress is usually saved automatically. Different developers implement different technologies and saving options. You will need to check inside the game if there is a save option.

Play a part of a catcher, baseman, pitcher or a defender and take some brisk training. Try to score runs by hitting the ball, thrown by the pitcher with a bat swung by the batsman. Swing the bat and hit some grand slams. Your aim will be scoring more points than your opponent to win the trophy.

Do you think that you have it all what it takes to turn into an expert baseball player? If yes, then start your journey here and enjoy these college baseball games online.

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