Baseball Games Online is number 1 website for playing baseball games online for free. If you love bat-and-ball sports games, or you are an enthusiast of free sport action games, you are going to love it here! We got a vast and incredible collection of the baseball games. There are many types and styles of free flash games that you will find here.

So what are you waiting for? Take your baseball cap and get ready for some cool baseball action! Stand up to the plate and see what number of grand slams you can smack out of the game center. Play baseball online and enjoy these exciting and fun baseball games on the internet.

Important: From the 2021 year, most browsers no longer support Flash Player, so you won’t be able to run Flash content anymore. Some games of this site will no longer work on new updated browsers. Newer baseball games use HTML5 so you can play them on any computer, tablet or phone. See LATEST GAMES for all latest baseball games.

 1. State of Play

State of play baseball - a free flash baseball game online. State of play baseball - a free flash baseball game online.

One of the best baseball games online. Use your bat and point your shot to hit at the focal point of the target. Set the runners off on a run just by clicking on them on the base. Game graphics are very nice and it is fun to play. It is one of the top-rated online baseball games and it’s totally free to play. So, what are you waiting for?

 2. Baseball Stadium

Baseball stadium - a free flash baseball game online. Baseball stadium game - a free flash baseball game online.

In beginning level of the inning, you have to hit the ball with your baseball bat and try to earn a home run. As you proceed to the highest level of the inning, you will play the game as the pitcher.  Use your mouse to choose where you are going to throw the ball and after that, you need to stop the power meter by clicking on the mouse.

You should try to attain the highest power to throw the ball so that you are able to strike out the batter. There are 9 innings in this game and sometimes, you may find a rematch. Great exciting baseball game for the players who love baseball.

 3. Destruction League Baseball

Destruction league baseball game - a free flash baseball game online. Destruction league baseball game - a free flash baseball game online.

Another baseball game for free. Your mission in this game is simple – hitting the approaching balls by using the baseball bat to knock down everything across the street. You will be required to destroy lots of building and other things to pass the level. But, remember, you must have to hit fast directly to the target before the time expires.

 4. Homerun in Berzerk Land

Berzerk land baseball game online Berzerk land baseball game online

Get ready to hit the nerd to the maximum possible distance to continue the level upgrade. Here you will get fantastic graphics and addicting gameplay. Unleash your gaming spirit in this action baseball game.

 5. Berzerk Ball

berzerk ball game in flash berzerk ball game in flash

It can be considered as the expanded version of the actual home run game. This game includes new weapons and equipment, an entirely new look, a new cool character and new items. So, now it is even more entertaining to play the game and try to beat your friends’ record again and again.

 6. Berzerk Ball 2

berzerkball 2 - free flash game berzerkball 2 - free flash game

It’s a great way to let out your anger by smashing some internet geeks into oblivion. And so, Berzerk Ball 2 is just here to help. You have a straightforward goal: pick a character, create a geek and later on, smash him as far as possible. The task may not be as simple as you think. He will start insulting and making fun of you since you will repetitively hit him again and again. The best point is – you will get the opportunity to buy new weapons, learn new moves and other supports to upgrade your character and thus you can enhance your stats and influence the overall damage you can do to the nerd.

 7. Baseball Master

baseball master game online baseball master game online

In this game, you need to hit the greatest number of homers and hit them to the greatest far that you can. Once you miss and swing or miss the mark of hitting a homer, you will get an out. After three outs, the game will be over.

 8. Going Going Gone Baseball

going-going-gone-baseball-1 going-going-gone-baseball-2

Just enjoy this Going Going Gone Baseball game. You will need to point to the targets around the stadium to gather whatever number points as could be expected under the circumstances on every level. Check the goals for each level very carefully to reach to the ultimate level and then meet all the goals of the 11 levels to be the top scorer. So, get ready to score some homers in the ESPN arcade baseball game!

 9. Shatter Baseball

shatter baseball - fun baseball smashing game shatter baseball - fun baseball smashing game

Here you will be required to modify your power and angle of hitting the baseball. And you have to break the windows to hit the marked bonuses. One of many great baseball games for kids.

 10. Baseball Challenge

baseball challenge flash game baseball challenge flash game

If you are interested in completing your fantastic baseball career in expertise and style, you need to play this Baseball Challenge game to face some extreme challenges. Earn home runs and point to the particular areas of the baseball field and focus on the pitcher! Pass on all the challenges and then send your highest score.

Are you capable of being the top of the leader-board? If you can’t achieve it at the first time, try harder in the next. Just, don’t give up as you must know well that – practice makes perfect.

 11. Zombieland

zombieland game online zombieland flash game

In the Zombieland, you have to hit the baseballs and the other objects directly at undead to stop the incoming zombies from coming closer. Every miss could be fatal to you so be sharp and quick.

 12. Super Slugger

super slugger baseball game super slugger baseball game

Another excellent free baseball game. You need to hit the baseball as far as you can. Beware of the pitchers when they start to block you.

 13. Baseball Blast

Baseball Blast game baseball blast game

Get ready and find out a neighborhood sandlot to make some quick home runs in this Baseball Blast. It’s a quick game with a fixed time limit that is full of twists. Collect power-ups to win extra balls  and to score more homers. Earn the maximum possible score before the time runs out.

 14. 7th Inning Smash

7th-inning-smash-1 7th-inning-smash-2

It’s a very simple game where you have to smash the maximum possible windows by hitting the ball precisely. Fun baseball game online.

 15. Stealin’ Home

stealin home - a baseball game online stealin home - a baseball game online

In this Stealin Home game, your baseball ball stealing skills are going to be checked. You have to round the bases as an expert player in this unique challenge of the base-stealing skill. Try to collect the highest possible runs before getting outs. You need to run between the bases to earn points. But, remember, you have to do it without being tagged out if you want to earn points.

To run forward and back, you have to use right and left arrow keys. Run forward to the next base, at the moment the fielder drops the ball. How many bases you can hit before you are thrown out?

 16. Pinch Hitter 1

pinch hitter 1 - baseball game online pinch hitter 1 - free baseball game

It’s a perfectly made fun baseball game online. You will get the chance to play this marvelous home run game. You will be provided with several aims, and it’s required to complete each of them turn by turn to upgrade your level. You got to choose your team and select your strip and then hit big to earn maximum possible home runs by using your mouse.

 17. Pinch Hitter 2

pinch hitter 2 baseball game pinch hitter 2 baseball game

Pinch Hitter has come back with the second version of this exciting and thrilling baseball games series! Just input your name and pick a team among the 30 others. Customization option is also available to make your jersey unique and extraordinary. All of these options can be found on the player profile page. You will also locate the player’s stats on the left of the page.

You will start playing the game as the League player, and you have to make it to the Little League, and the ultimate destination will be the Major League. But, each of these leagues includes several levels, and you have to complete various tasks to pass each of these levels.


 18. Home Run Hitter

home-run-hitter-2 home-run-hitter-1

Get ready to feel the thrill of the realistic baseball game. Get on the field and earn as many homers as possible to score the maximum points in this high score baseball game.

 19. Baseball League

baseball-league-2 baseball-league-1

You will find two modes in this Baseball League game and those are – Practice and Championship. Just start playing the game by only selecting a difficulty level. Complete all the objectives to win the league. You should start with the practice mode if you are just a beginner and need some training on it.

You have to hit the target indicating the place of passing the ball. Move and target the marked circle using your mouse. For having a straight shot, attempt to keep it close. You can slice or hook the shot by managing the direction of the circle.  You need to click to hit the ball, once it’s pitched. And then your batter will run forward aiming to the first base. As soon as he gets close to the base, click Slide to make him reach faster.

 20. Zombie Baseball

zombie-baseball-2 zombie-baseball-1

It’s a quite fun baseball game where you have to play baseball being trapped into a lot of zombies. The undead zombies have attacked your home, and all you got to fight with them is your baseball bat. Your wife is gonna throw the balls from the balcony as the pitcher of the game.

And now, what you need to do is – hit the balls accurately targeting the zombies. You have to stop as many zombies as you can by hitting those with the baseballs.

Firstly, you should let the ball bounce up by hitting the ground and after that, hit the ball precisely and with great force to knock down the zombies. You will earn double score once you cut the zombies’ heads off by hitting them with the baseball.

 21. Nice Catch

nice-catch-2 nice-catch-1

It’s truly a beautiful Japanese online game where a funny and cute cartoon characters play the baseball match. In this baseball game online, you will be catching the balls after being hit by a player. So, you are not the batter in this match.

You have to grab the ball by moving your player right or left. Once you can catch the ball, you are required to pass it to the next player in the field. Throwing the ball with an extra speed is prohibited, and so, you have to be careful about this. You can watch the speed of the ball into power bar which is located at the bottom of the game screen. You should wait till the ball reaches the green zone. You are all free to control your player by using the right and left arrows.

 22. Baseball Jam

baseball-jam-2 baseball-jam-1

Baseball Jam is a great fun and exciting sports game where you have to hit the ball correctly with your bat. You can move your player horizontally by using the mouse. Be careful when the ball flies. Hit precisely when the ball comes closer to the bat.

Remember, when you swing your bat too early, you have to indicate enough power to the shot. Flat shots come up with fewer points. On the other hand, it will be counted as a strike, if you take too long to swing the bat.

You will find every detail stats of the game, such as the number of the strikes, score points, the number of balls left, the outs, the number of rounds and other information on the blackboard above the field. If you want to score homers, you should hit the ball aiming at the wall behind the area.

What’s your capability and how many home runs and points, you can earn in this Baseball Jam?

 23. Home Run Mania

home-run-mania-2 home-run-mania-1

Is it possible for you to have some big hits? Well, let’s see. If you can beat this batting challenge, you will be capable of taking your game to the majors.

 24. Baseball Big Hitter

baseball-big-hitter-2 baseball-big-hitter-1

It’s a game with a fixed time frame where the players need to respond quickly. 24 balls will be pitched at you at a time, and you must have to target accurately to hit the upcoming balls so that you can hit them as far as possible to earn the best possible score. It’s quite important to decide where you will strike the ball; because, it will show whether the ball will go right or left, high or low. Here, missing a ball means losing a shot. Each shot will be included in your total score. One more thing, don’t miss the bonus stars!

 25. Pinch Hitter Game Day

pinch-hitter-game-day-1 pinch-hitter-game-day-2

At first, you need to choose your most loved baseball team and then start competing in the baseball tournament. Take the place to grab the victory bat and catch the ball properly. Before playing the real tournament, you have to go through the practice sessions, where you have to earn a complete skill score to get the boarding pass to the real competition. To win the game, you will be required to complete several missions. Good luck to you!

 26. Slugger Baseball

slugger-baseball-1 slugger-baseball-2

This is a real exciting game for the fans of baseball. In this game, you have to manage to hit all the balls that are continuously coming at you, if you wish to make a lot of home runs.

Do you have the talent to make it through all 30 levels? In addition to, you have to play harder to receive a star on each level of this game. Eventually, if you get what you wished to, tell your companions to check out their baseball skills too by playing this game.

 27. Spongebob Slammin’ Slugger

spongebob-slammin-slugger-2 spongebob-slammin-slugger-1

It’s an exciting and fun baseball game, where you will be playing with Spongebob and his buddies.

 28. Cartoons Baseball

cartoons-baseball-2 cartoons-baseball-1

It’s an unusual and exciting version of free baseball strategy game. All you need to do to win the game is – throwing pitches and hitting as many homers as possible.

If you find some great baseball games online that we missed, please let us know. Enjoy and good luck!

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